Sunday, October 9, 2011

german channel

German channel is one of the known dive spots here in Palau where you can encounter large Manta Rays.  Getting there takes 40 to 50 minutes by a speedboat. And level of diving experience is from novice to advance.
Though the last we were there, where not as lucky as we expected. We just encounter some three Manta for the entire dive. But still the experience was awesome. Just being there with a huge Manta passing by two feet above your head is so surreal.
And with almost every form of marine life can be seen here. Lots of jacks will school here along with barracudas, trevaly ,snappers and other  species. The sandy bottom is home to garden eels, blind Gobies and Mantis shrimps . Sighting a cuttlefish is another reward for our dive . 

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